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Judged In Gym Class

All you have to do is show up!" I guess it stayed with me because I found it so relatable. After all, gym had always been an easy A for me. Since elementary school, physical education has worked like this: You change into athletic clothes, enter the room, do whatever the teacher tells you to do, and ace the class. I never remember feeling like I had to be an athlete in order to avoid losing points workout from my GPA and ditch dirty looks from the other kids. I assumed that there was no way the teacher could ever reprimand a student simply for not having athletic skills. This year, however, I learned that this is not always the case. Every single morning, I set aside a few extra minutes to walk downstairs, get on our family's desktop computer in the basement, log-in to our school website and check to see whether or not we have check this out gym class that day. On days that I accidentally sleep in, this often means skipping breakfast or my morning visit to our dogs.
Full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cailin-loesch/bad-at-gym-class_b_4344264.html

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